paintless dent removal

Paintless Dent Removal

PDR may sound like another useless acronym coming out of your teenage son’s mouth but knowing this one in particular may come in handy one day. PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal and it is one of the best techniques for minor car panel damage that can save you a lot of time and money. The good news is, as long as the paint surface is still suitable a lot can be fixed with Paintless Dent Removal.

It takes a lot of experience, but getting PDR right is such an important skill to have and is well sought after in our industry. With a steady hand and great attention to detail, the finished product will most likely be fantastic.It is the quickest and most affordable process for dent repair.

How does it work?
Our team of technicians meticulously massage back indentations of the damaged panel. Slowly but surely, using specialty tools and their keen eye, your panel will be restored back to its original shape. With the use of a dent repair light, fluorescent or LED, the technician can locate the exact location of the deformation. Once the dent is observed the most common reparation techniques involve metal rods and body picks to push out the dents from the panel, sometimes requiring alternative blending techniques to match the existing texture of the vehicle. It is integral to make sure the technician does not push too hard as it will most likely result in cracking or splitting.

Watch this video for a more in-depth look into extreme Paintless Dent Removal:


If you have a regular dent, this option may be perfect for you. It may not be suitable if your panel has been subject to a sharp impact where the surface has been over-stretched. The paint needs to be the original factory finish along with limited scratches or chips in the paint of the dent. The location of the dent is important as well. The best location for a dent if you want to repair it with PDR, is somewhere away from the edge.

Does it harm the original paint surface?
If its done right, then no. It won’t harm your cars original paint surface because modern car paints are very thin and flexible. With modern PDR techniques, there shouldn’t be any sanding, re-painting or the use of any paint fillers.

Why is it cheaper than bodywork?
Depending on the size and impact type of the dent, PDR will typically be a cheaper option for dents because it will use less materials, take less time and reduce the amount of stages for repair than traditional panel beating and body work. If you take your car into Paint and Custom, we will analyse your dent and make sure you get the best value for money possible.