Car Care Paint Tips

1) A Wash A Week Keeps Your Car Clean & Slick
• Start by hosing down your car to remove any dirt, mud or grime.
• Mix 3 capfuls of car grade shampoo in a clean bucket with water.
• Apply the soapy water to the car with a soft sponge and wash thoroughly.
• Hose off the shampoo and dry with a good quality chamois.
• Never leave water droplets to dry naturally, even after rain. This will stain the car and will be tough to remove once it has dried.

2) A Monthly Wax Keeps The Shine To The Max
• After washing the car, ensure that it is dry and in a shady area before applying a wax to the surface.
• Apply a good carnauba wax with a small circular pad using small circular motions.
• Do one panel at a time and remove the wax using a soft terry or microfibre cloth. You’ll find the wax residue will accumulate on your cloth, shake thoroughly to remove the residue off and continue panel by panel until complete.

3) Your Car’s Now Shiny And New
Of Course you could leave it up to us at Paint And Custom to maintain your vehicle on a monthly basis by our professional staff, for a small fee.

Want to see some home grown tricks to get your car even cleaner?

Car lights need a clean? Keep them perfectly polished and keep you & your family even safer! Grab some window cleaner and rub hard on the light panel with an pair of panty hose from the old lady.

Baby wipes are a quick and easy way to keep your windshield and window panels extra clean throughout the week. Keep a pack in your glove box and give everything a rub down whenever you have a spare second.

Don’t forget those wiper blades! They can get dirty and continue to make your windscreen streaky. Make sure you raise your wipers and carefully clear away all the grime and dirt.

Like to wash your car on those hot really hot days? Its been said that washing your car and leaving it direct sunlight can result in soapy spots and deposits when it dries. Don’t take any chances when it comes to the wellbeing of your significant other, let it dry away from the strong sun. Also, try not to drive it straight away after a wash – wait until its completely dry so you don’t let leave any watermarks on its exterior. If you must, grab a really soft cloth to soak up those drops!